What are the new features in the PrimeTranscoder?

PrimeTranscoder, often referred to as the swiss army knife of transcoding apps, receives a major update!

One of the top new features for the app includes operating system and camera format compatibilities. Read more about the Catalina release here.

PrimeTranscoder has always included the option to utilize the GPU for faster transcoding. Now users have the option to select the GPU they wish to use. This includes external GPUs!



What else is new?
  • Metal decoding capabilities
  • Automatically applies detected LUT from camera originals
  • Adds support for:
    • Blackmagic RAW
    • Codex HDE
    • Canon CRM
  • SDK Updates:
    • ARRI
    • RED
    • DJI
  • Better audio and video processing
  • Update plan expiration alerts


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