How does ShotPut Pro integrate with

The most recent release of ShotPut Pro has integrated with the popular cloud-based collaboration platform

“Imagine Products’ integration with expands options for collaboration. Offering transcoding and uploading as part of the camera offload process streamlines the workflow.  It offers immediate remote access to time sensitive media. This includes those shooting RAW formats,” said President of Imagine Products, Dan Montgomery. “I think this is a tremendous value-add for ShotPut Pro® users. Many are already customers.”

Clips are transcoded in ShotPut Pro after the offload is complete. Then they are automatically uploaded to


From the ShotPut Pro menu, select Accounts, then the icon and finally the login button. From here, the site will automatically launch and prompts to log into will appear.





Users can then choose the project they want to upload to from ShotPut Pro.

That’s it! Set it, forget it and start uploading to with ShotPut Pro today!

How do I get ShotPut Pro with capability?

If you are already running ShotPut Pro 2019.1 or higher you can simply check for updates in the app.

If you already own a perpetual license of ShotPut Pro and your update plan has expired, you can purchase a current plan by following the instructions here. Not sure what an update plan is? No problem:

  • What is an update plan?
    An update plan gives you access to all the updates during it’s active period.
  • Do I have to buy an update plan?
    Nope! A perpetual license means you always have access to the version that you purchased. If you don’t wish to move away from that version, we won’t force you to. You will stay on that version until you have a current update plan.
  • How is this different than the upgrades Imagine Products used to provide?
    The benefits of the new Update Plan mean you get any improvements as soon as they’re published!
  • How do I purchase an update plan?
    Update plans are purchased directly from the Licenses page in your account. Here are step by step instructions.


  • Jay Cougan says:

    What format are the proxies transcoded to and is there anyway to have control over this? Perhaps in a future release? Integrating with Davinci? For example, sometimes my editors need a .dxf wrapper for avid; or want pro res for Final Cut/Adobe.

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Per’s direction, the proxies ShotPut Pro and TrueCheck create are H.264.

      We do offer a wide range of transcoding outputs with PrimeTranscoder application including DNX and ProRes etc.

      As far as offering adjustable upload formats, that’s coming in our Imagine Cloud suite (currently in Beta).

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