mLogic and Imagine Products PressRelease

mLogic™ and Imagine Products™ have solved the non-proprietary archiving dilemma for the media and entertainment industry! This bundle has revolutionized the archiving process by creating a simple to use solution and combining it will top of the line hardware and software.

Indianapolis, IN. September 2, 2014 – Imagine Products™ and mLogic™ have simplified and solved the the headache that archiving and restoring can be. Not a sexy term and certainly not a fun way to spend your time but definitely a necessity in today’s tapeless workflow. Last month the highly anticipated mTape from mLogic™ began shipping. This LTO archiving tape deck is the first stand alone Thunderbolt tape deck making it easy to attach to any Macintosh computer. Just weeks ahead of the annual IBC conference in Amsterdam, this tape deck will surely be the talk of the show!

mTape is supported by a free Macintosh LTFS utility created by Imagine Products™ to help with the formatting of LTO tapes. This one time installation enables the user to connect the “mTape deck and launch this utility to safely format, mount, and eject tapes. No Terminal commands needed!” (

Imagine Products has also developed an archiving application, PreRoll Post™, that works in tandem with the mTape to deliver the quickest and most efficient archiving experience available on the market. PreRollPost offers thumbs, proxies and metadata all while backing up any files, including HD media, to local disks and LTO tapes. Multiple copies can be made at the same time using PreRollPost, assuming there are two tape decks mounted and available.

Currently PreRollPost is available only for Mac users, however Imagine Products will showcase the PreRollPost Windows version at IBC this September in Amsterdam. Both versions are ‘video aware’ and comply with the Discovery Channel’s LTO tape delivery requirements. If you are interested in a demo of either the Mac or Windows version, visit Imagine Products in booth 9.D14. They also have many tutorials to watch available on YouTube as well as free downloadable demos on their website.

Imagine Products, Inc. develops high value, innovative digital video utilities to backup, view, share, transcode and archive assets. Imagine Products corporate headquarters is located at 2935 E 96th Street Suite 102, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240, USA. The company can be reached by phone at (317)-843-0706 or on the web at

mLogic designs and markets innovative peripheral products for desktop and portable computers. The company’s product portfolio includes computer back-up and docking solutions as well as cutting-edge products featuring the new high-speed Thunderbolt interface. mLogic is headquartered in the Hayden Tract of Culver City, California a vibrant section of West Los Angeles.

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