Imagine Products, Inc. Releases New Native File Viewer HD-VU2™

March 3, 2015 – Imagine Products, Inc.™ has released version 2 of their all in one player, HDVU™ which views media in its original form without the need for QuickTime codecs, transcoding or modifying the files. HD-VU can play difficult formats like Panasonic P2 and Sony XAVC as well as frame based video sequences such as ARRI RAW, Blackmagic DNG and DPX. Over 20 different camera formats are supported, just drop them into HD-VU2 and view instantly. A complete list of viewable formats can be found here.

HD-VU provides the user many different organizing options for the files. Sort files by type and metadata or in user created Playlists or folders. Choose from “all”, “unwatched” or “group by” for easy reference. Watch Folders can also be set up so when a video becomes available HD-VU will automatically link to them. HD-VU also has the ability to sync external audio files. Drag and drop the audio files from Finder and HD-VU synchronizes the audio/video playback. Audio channels can also be turned ON/OFF with settings and preferences for separate tracks.

HD-VU offers temporary color correction for truer playback. HD-VU does not permanently modify files; applying the LUT is simply for viewing purposes. LUTs are selected on a clip-by-clip level in the ‘Get Info’ panel of each, or may be applied to an entire Playlist or Folder of videos.

All clips are played in a separate, full screen scalable window with multiple timecode options and rates. These options and rates are easily changed from the viewer window and metadata for all files are available. You can even grab Snap Shots from the video at any frame in PNG format. HD-VU was designed to work in conjunction with Imagine Product’s offloading application ShotPut Pro™ and compression application ProxyMill™. Clips made with either application can be viewed instantly with HD-VU.

“We’ve been working on HD-VU2 for quite awhile now, perfecting and increasing the formats that it can view,” says Dan Montgomery, President of Imagine Products. “Our customers were looking for a viewer that simplified and maximized their time on set. HD-VU is the answer. We expect that this will quickly become a necessary tool to have, just like ShotPut Pro.”

HD-VU MSRP $99 available now at

About Imagine Products, Inc.

Imagine Products, Inc. develops high value, innovative digital video utilities to backup, view, share, transcode and archive assets. Each Macintosh and Windows application is created with three simple yet successful ideas; make it powerful, make it easy to use and make it affordable. Imagine Products, Inc. has been creating applications and utilities for professionals and beginners alike for more than 20 years.

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