Ready for Big Sur?

MacOS 11 (aka Big Sur) is expected to release this fall. It’s a BIG change. So much so Apple reached out to software publishers like us to encourage testing and updates of Macintosh applications earlier this year to help ensure a smooth transition.

Because macOS-11 affects video processes and file handling it’s something you need to be aware of before making the leap. Some legacy applications and camera formats may struggle with it so proceed with caution. You’ll very likely need to upgrade your software.

The Good News: Imagine Products’ popular applications ShotPut Pro®, TrueCheck® and myLTO® have all been updated. They’ve been thoroughly tested and released so you’re ready to go!

To access these updates you’ll need an active Update Plan.  Update Plans are simply access to upgrades over an extended period of time. When you purchase a permanent license it comes with a 12 month Update Plan. You can extend it at any time.

In general, all our applications show your Update Plan status in the About screen. You may also check your licenses at any time by going to the ACCOUNT/ VIEW LICENSES page. There you may purchase or extend an Update Plan by clicking on the UPDATE button beside the license.

To update the software, you may download from the View Licenses page (the cloud button to the right of the license number). Or simply click ‘Check for Updates’ within the software.


  • Dave Thomas says:

    Our Shotput is struggling to download footage on 2 computers. It is taking about 2 hours to download 150GB of footage from CFast 2.0 cards which typically take about 15 minutes. This began happening in the middle of our shoot. The footage was downloading fast one evening and the following evening, it slowed dramatically. There were no updates performed on either computer to cause any issues and neither is conntected to the internet due to location restrictions (there isn’t internet where they are filming). We are using the 2020 16″ MacBook Pro i9, USB 3.0 Glyph SSD Drives, and ProGrade Cfast 2.0 readers. One computer is running Big Sur, the other is running Catalina. Any ideas?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Please send these type inquiries to or simply open a ticket via the Contact Us form.

      The most likely cause from what you’ve described is overheating of the card reader(s). Also, when any errors occur the software is designed to retry multiple times (both copy and verification processes) to try to overcome the faults.

      We can’t comment further without seeing a Diagnostic Log which you’ll find under the Help menu within the application.

      PS: For Big Sur use please make sure you’ve updated to latest software (v2020.2.2)

  • Conan Gorbey says:

    Hi, wondering if PreRoll Post is going to be updated for Big Sur soon? The version I have from 2018 seems to be the latest version you are retailing? Version 2018.1.8 (2018.1.8). Thanks

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      The last version of PreRoll Post for Mac was 2018. It will not be updated further as the code base is not compatible with newer operating systems (e.g. Catalina or BigSur). We’ve therefore discontinued offering it on our website.

      We do offer myLTO for Mac which does work on these newer systems, and we’ll soon be offering a cloud database option for it. Once that is released we’ll be reaching out to previous PreRoll Post owners with transition options.

      • Matt Fezz says:

        so will it be possible port the prerollpost database to myLTO via that cloud option?

        • imagineproductsblog says:

          Unfortunately not the database itself, but you’ll be able to easily scan in existing LTO tapes to add their information to your cloud account. In doing so you’ll also have the opportunity to extract thumbs and proxies for video files along with metadata information.

          A cloud repository of information about your assets is much more powerful than a local database. It will offer features such as support for multiple upload stations, data sharing and remote searching, and much more. For example, if you offload with our cloud enabled application as well as use it to copy to LTO tape you’ll be able to track assets and copies of them wherever they exist.

          • Matt Fezz says:

            Hi there, I am just wondering what the status is on the cloud database option for my LTO is?

          • imagineproductsblog says:

            Still working on it… the Imagine Cloud system is in beta now 🙂

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