How do I choose the right license option?

Need a little assistance deciding what kind of license works best for you? Not a problem, we are here to help! First let’s cover the different kinds of licenses we offer:

  • Perpetual = This is also known as a “forever” license. By that we mean it is not a subscription. You pay only once for the base license.

    When you purchase a perpetual license it comes with a 12 month update plan. This means that for the first 12 months you have access to all upgrades during that period for free. Extending access to updates beyond the initial period is a good way to protect your investment. Operating systems and camera formats change over time (we also periodically add new features too!), so it is strongly encouraged that you keep your license updated.

  • When your Update Plan expires, you will still have access to the license that your plan expired on. 

For example; if you purchase ShotPut Pro 2021 today at the end of the 12 months the current version will be ShotPut Pro 2022, you would always have access to ShotPut Pro 2022 but you will no longer receive updates until an Update Plan has been renewed.

  • Updates = Access to future upgrades depend upon whether a valid (unexpired) Update Plan is associated with your license. Our Update plans are issued in 12 month increments. You get 12 months with a new purchase.  Update plans can be set up for automatic renewal every 365 days or manually purchased as needed. Prices vary per product.

How do I know if my update plan has expired? The Update Plan status is displayed in the ABOUT screen inside the application. You may also check the VIEW LICENSES page. A plan expiration date before today’s date means it has expired.

You may extend an Update Plan at any time–you do NOT have to wait for the plan to expire to extend your time.. To do that go to ACCOUNT>VIEW LICENSES page and select the UPDATE button beside the license.

  • Rental = Many of our software offer a rental option. This type license is a timed subscription and upon activation the countdown begins. At the end of the rental period the license will expire and you will no longer have access to it. Rental licenses will always be the most current version of software–be sure to download the latest version of the application from the link beside the license number on the VIEW LICENSES page.Rentals are a great option for short term use or simply adding another temporary workstation to a particular job. Prices vary per product.



  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    is it possible to purchase an 15 day rental basis
    activation key for someone else?

    I can`t find a hint regarding this subject.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    My best,

    Denise Weller

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Absolutely. You can purchase it in your account and then pass the download link and license code on to them for use. If they have an account we can move it from your account to theirs as well. If you have further questions shoot us an email,

  • Laxman Jaiswar says:

    does perpetual plan mean I can use it forever after 12 month of plan expiry without updating to new version.

  • Keith Holding says:

    If I purchase a licence can I use on more than one computer at a time. Have a lot of date on show and will have a couple of computers running


    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Licenses can only be used on one computer at a time, we offer rentals as well as perpetual licenses.

  • D Ireland says:

    I have a Mac version of PreRoll post which will no longer work now due to the drivers being out of date. If I update to a Perpetual license, will this same issue occur once the initial 12 months is up?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Hi there! Sounds like the driver just needs to be updated. The software won’t stop working if the update plan has expired. If you send us an email using the contact us form on the website we can look into your account specifically. Or email directly to support at imagine products dot com

  • curtis boggs says:

    I have shotput pro and updated my OS. Now shotput
    is asking for a serial key.

    I have tried logging into the website to get my serial key but
    can not log in. I tried a reset of my password but the email
    never appears in my email or even spam box.

    Can you help please?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Absolutely! It’s probably best to email us via support at imagineproducts dot com so we can take a look at your account.

  • John Hampton says:

    Why would anyone pay a subscription for a product that doesn’t include updates. Either sell it outright with no updates or include the updates in the subscription. Strange to have a pricing model that doesn’t coincide with most products in this industry ie. Adobe.

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Thanks for your input John, we truly appreciate hearing from our customers. There is a little confusion here however, this is NOT a subscription model. When a software license is purchased, it automatically comes with a 12 month Update Plan which allows access to all updates for the next 12 months. After that, the license stays in the version the plan expired on until the Update Plan is renewed. This can happen right away (and automatically if you so choose) or anytime after the license’s Update Plan has expired. We do not force anyone to update, ever. Any new features or OS updates would be subject to a current Update Plan.

      We did look at a subscription model like Adobe but ultimately felt (and heard!) that most of our customers did not want a required, recurring monthly cost which is why we did not go this route. Thank you for the feedback. I hope this clarifies our policies. Happy to answer any other questions!!

  • Byron Chang says:

    If I buy a new laptop in the future, do I need to get a new license for it? Or can I just log out from my old laptop

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Hi Byron, No you do not. Your license is attached to the email address, not the computer. You will just need to login to your account and deactivate the license and then download, install and activate on the new computer.

  • Vikash says:

    Shotput Pro is multi user software ( can we use 2 or 4 people at a time at different place )

  • Xavi says:

    Is the license cross-platform?
    I would like to buy a permanent license but I still do not know if I will install it on a Windows or Mac.
    I ask that because in your webside you diference between ShotPut Pro Windows and ShotPut Pro Mac for purchase it.

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Thanks for asking! ShotPut Pro is not cross-platform, you will need a Mac license and a Windows license if you are going to use it on different platforms.

  • L says:

    I have a perpetual license which was attached to a mac, but now want to use it on a windows. I have deactivated it from the mac, but it is saying the license isn’t compatible. Is there a way of using the perpetual license or transferring it?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Great question. While our software is not cross-platform we do offer a one-time permanent switch. If you do not want to permanently switch the Mac license to Windows there are 15 and 45 rentals available as well. If you would like to make that switch please email us at

  • John Hallford says:

    I have several laptops in use for production. How many laptops can a perpetual licence be used on?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Hi John, great question. While the software can only be used on one computer at a time, it can be moved from computer to computer pretty easily! Just log into your account and deactivate the license, then install and activate it on the other computer and you are ready to go! If you want to use the presets from one computer on another you will need to export them and import them onto the new computer. Presets do not follow the license. If you have more questions please feel free to reach us at

  • Gustavo Ciccone says:

    Is it possible to buy a license as reseller? Thank You

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      To become a reseller is fairly easy. Post the products you’d like to sell on your website and create an account on our website. Then send us a link to the products on your site for approval to

      Once approved, we’ll apply a reseller discount to your profile so you may purchase and resell. Dealers can easily transfer licenses to enduser accounts from their View Licenses page.

  • Any chance soon for a cross Platform license?
    M. Gallone
    Sowatt Music Sarl

  • Jose says:

    I need buy a single license for computer on my organition or I can buy one and install it on each?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      All of our licenses are authorized for a single computer. While you may install the software on multiple computers, it can only be used on one computer at a time (by deactivating then activating on the next). If you need more than one workstation functional at the same time you’ll need to purchase the appropriate number of licenses for all of them to be in use.

  • zhu says:

    l need license

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      All licenses are found on the webpage ACCOUNT>VIEW LICENSES. Download from the link to the right.

      To activate a rental license, you must use it’s license number (not account information).

  • Tom Miller says:

    I have an old license from 2014 that I paid for. Does it have any value now, or do I just start over?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Sorry, if you haven’t upgraded anytime in the last 7 years it doesn’t have any residual value.

  • Alex Becconsall says:

    Hi team,

    Is there a reason you removed the 15 day rental option for myLTO? Was preparing a quote for a client and the next day that option was gone.

    Will the option return eventually, or is it gone for good?


    • imagineproductsblog says:

      We’ve recently streamlined our rental options for most of our applications and now offer 30-days or permanent licenses only.

  • Sashwa says:

    How do I add a second computer to my license?

  • Charlotte says:

    what are the limitations of the demo version?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Demo limitations are detailed on each product page. Basically they’re all fully functional software just time or event limited.

  • How many computers can I install a perpetual license?

    • imagineproductsblog says:

      You may install the software on as many computers as you wish, but a license can only be activated on one at a time.

      To MOVE the activation between computers, you must Deactivate from the the first computer. If you no longer have access to that computer you can do it from the website under ACCOUNT>VIEW LICENSES (click the edit pencil, then click Deactivate).

      Updates are published frequently so always download the latest version you are entitled to from the link to the right of your license on the VIEW LICENSES page.

      Licenses are platform specific. For example, if you own a Macintosh license it cannot be used on a Windows computer. However, we do allow ONE PERMANENT exchange from one platform to another, provided that the license is up to date (your Update Plan hasn’t expired).

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