Imagine Products Announces PrimeTranscoder™

New Application Offers Faster File Conversion, Simple Interface, and Customizable Features to Streamline Transcoding Workflow

INDIANAPOLIS — April 4, 2017 — Imagine Products, creator of software utilities for backing up, viewing, sharing, transcoding, and archiving video assets, has released PrimeTranscoder™, a new video-transcoding application for Mac® users. PrimeTranscoder offers GPU acceleration, a simple interface, and many other features that make it more robust than any other transcoding application at its price point.

“PrimeTranscoder is a powerful transcoding application that allows users to convert multiple files to different formats at once. It recognizes and converts more than 20 different HD, 4K, and RAW camera formats, including ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, GoPro, Panasonic, RED, Sony, and many more,” said Michelle Maddox, marketing director at Imagine Products. “While that’s happening, it can also create editable or sharable files. By doing all those things simultaneously, PrimeTranscoder maximizes time and makes for a more efficient workflow — and that’s what our customers have told us they need as they strive to compete in an evolving industry.”

Speed and stability are critical to the transcoding process in today’s digital video environments. PrimeTranscoder’s GPU accelerator makes transcoding faster by allowing the application to take advantage of the computer’s graphics processing unit. In this way, customers get rapid file conversion without sacrificing any stability.

PrimeTranscoder’s user interface — which Imagine Products has designed to unify with its other applications, such as PreRoll Post™ for LTFS archiving and ShotPut Pro™ for offloading — is simple to use and offers both standard and user-defined presets. The simplicity of the interface all but eliminates any learning curve and both standard and user-defined presets will be familiar to those who use Imagine Products’ other applications. PrimeTranscoder includes standard presets for ProRes4444, H.264, PreRoll Post, ProRes 422, iPhone®, and iPad®. Users simply select the preset, drop the media into Prime, and hit start.

Meanwhile, users can define and save their own preset features, such as watermarking, color correction, and burnt-in timecode, along with features for merging clips. It’s also possible to include audio in transcodes regardless of the source. Users can create watch folders with automatic transcoding ability, which makes it possible to offload camera cards via ShotPut Pro, transcode the files, and send them to the editor in one seamless workflow — all while Prime creates informational logs of output activities.

All filmmakers can benefit from PrimeTranscoder, no matter what their level of expertise. The application is especially helpful for creating sharable H.264 clips with customers or creating edit-ready ProRes4444 and ProRes 422 files for an editing system. The PreRoll Post preset makes it easy to create proxies in preparation for LTFS archiving to LTO tapes. PrimeTranscoder can also communicate with, and be used by, external applications.

PrimeTranscoder is available for immediate download from The cost is $699.

More information about Imagine Products and its line of software tools for digital video is available at

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Imagine Products Inc. develops innovative video workflow solutions that help film and media professionals back up, view, share, transcode, and archive their digital-video assets. Powerful, affordable, and easy to use, these specialized workflow applications have become invaluable tools for broadcasters, postproduction facilities, and others whose businesses rely on digital video. In business for more than 25 years, Imagine Products is based in Indianapolis, USA. More information is available at

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