ShotSum for Macintosh

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File Comparison Utility for Macintosh

ShotSum™ for Macintosh
With XXHash 64-bit Checksum Technology!

ShotSum™ for Macintosh is a file-analysis utility used to compare files and folders to one another. At its heart, it is designed to determine whether two files have the same contents.

ShotSum provides an easy way to check file integrity across all your copies for sameness (same contents, different names) or differences (same name, different contents). Just drop two or more files or folders onto the application and click Begin!

Checksum technology is used to determine a file’s byte-count and byte sequence so you can be assured that matched files are exactly the same, regardless how they’re named. Choose from several popular checksum algorithms (MD5, SHA256, SHA512, CRC32) to create text files that allow you to assure the file is unchanged anytime in the future.

ShotSum also supports Sony SRSum media containing built-in checksum values, industry standard .MHL (Media Hash Lists) and .MD5 text files. Just drop either file type in and click ‘Begin’ to automatically re-check associated files.

After each completed comparison you may generate a log detailing the activity and results. Personal notes may also be added to the logs for future recall of the purpose and circumstances of the comparison. Create logs in plain Text, CSV, HTML and XML formats.

Tutorial Videos


Demo System Requirements:
  • OSX 10.13 <--> 10.8 (64-bit).

Demo Limitations:
  • Up to 10 comparisons max.
  • Web access required for demo to function.

System Requirements

For Macintosh:
OSX 10.13 <--> 10.8 (64-bit)
4 GB of RAM
1 GB of free hard-disk space (16 GB recommended)
Internet access recommended for automated activation

NOTE: This is a single CPU application (you need a separate license for each computer).
Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.,
registered in the United States and other countries.
ShotSum™ is a trademark of Imagine Products, Inc.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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