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Customer Support

January 8, 2017:

David Ball, Dave Ball Media Loft
Watkinsville, Georgia, USA

Thank you, Dan! You really should sleep some! I am amazed at your fast response to questions. Thank you very much!

October 21, 2016:

Scott Dobbie, Marina Beach Film Productions
Oak Park, California, USA

I've been a ShotPut Pro user for several years. I'm most impressed with your support - I've always gotten an answer, even if it's a problem caused by my own oversight, quickly and even at odd weekend hours. Thank you! I'm not a "tech guy," I'm more creative. So your more recent emails explaining benefits in layman's terms are well-received.

August 19, 2016:

Robin Probyn
Tokyo, Japan

Dan, Thanks for your time sir. Best support in the world!

ShotPut Pro

January 15, 2017

Jesse Rickets, Shtoops
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hey Dan, I took your advice and upgraded. Wow. So many amazing changes. Good job, guys.

October 19, 2016:

Andy Bader
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

My original purchase was based around word of mouth from other camera assistants. I've kept up with upgrades and new releases through your emails. I've considered Silverstack a few times, but I've never had a reason to switch -- I haven't needed their advanced features. I've brought up suggestions and bugs with you guys a few times and have been happy to see you respond quickly. Thanks!

August 18, 2016:

J.Patrick Southern @jpsouthern
Freelance Editor

@imagineproducts just released ShotPut Pro 6. The reporting & new checksums look awesome! https://youtu.be/lan2KsH5_eU

February 17, 2016:

Gavin Rawlings, Venture Films
Lake Munmorah, New South Wales, Austraila

With this amount of footage being juggled around I turn to my 'friend in the field' ShotPut Pro. ShotPut Pro allows me to backup the days footage to multiple drives at a time and for peace of mind it allows checksum verification so you know theres been no errors in the transferring of the footage. Due to the remote locations of these shoots its not possible to reshoot so the peace of mind from knowing the footage is safe is very welcome.

Tutorial Videos

October 20, 2016:

Tony Raymond, Production Support Services
Ankeny, Iowa, USA

Training videos are very helpful when dealing with some of the more advanced options.

October 20, 2016:

Nathan Fleming
Los Angeles, California, USA

YouTube video tutorials I think really help show off a product's capabilities and can also act as a great first step in teaching new customers how the program works.

PreRoll Post

September 13, 2016:

Jack Mugford, Top Shelf Productions
Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand

I canít say enough about how much easier our archive-and- retrieval process has been since implementing PreRoll Post and MagStor into our workflow. They brought Top Shelf Productions into the 21st century of archiving.

January 24, 2015:

John Webb, 7Land Entertainment
McMinnville, Oregon, USA

Got lots of data to archive - you donít have many choices.. this product does it easily without a bunch of older patched up proprietary software. I feel better this is on LTFS which is fast becoming the new standard. I also look forward to sending master media and audio stems to networks using LTO LTFS in the future.

March 26, 2015:

Rick Young
Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

PreRoll Post streamlines the archiving process and most importantly verifies the files. In my opinion there is no point to archiving without verification! Without knowing the files have been written correctly and checked, means, if something goes wrong, the archive is useless. I have seen at least one instance of a file failing verification. As an experiment I tried to copy the file to drive and the process failed. Thatís why I use PreRoll Post Ė to copy files to LTO tape and to then verify that these files are written correctly.

NAB: Las Vegas

April 26, 2016:

Chuck Joiner, MacVoices

You guys always have something that is really useful for people that shoot video and do a lot of video and help me not lose my video.


March 2016:

Randy Mills
Makawao, Hawaii, USA

HD-VU2 is my viewer of choice when managing multiple codecs and formats in the field and in the studio. Whether I'm working on network TV series, short films, commercials, cartoons, or documentaries, HD-VU2 always seems to find its way into my workflow for quickly checking my shot materials. Typically I use HD-VU2 in conjunction with ShotPut Pro....I have tried just about every other data management solution on the market today, and I always come back to HD-VU2 and ShotPut Pro. The ease of use and reliability of this software can't be beat. There is nothing that comes close at this price point.

November28, 2016:

Mark Smith, Oh Seven Films Inc
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

I am trying to play back P2 AVC intra from 6 years ago. I got the panasonic player when HDVU wasn't working and that software is 'not so good'. The app wouldn't play back about 70% of the files I have on disk. HDVU plays them all back, loads them quickly.


May 21, 2013:

Mark Smith, Oh Seven Films Inc
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

I had some cards mounted on my computer, one of which was camera originals which were not backed up. And in the course of mousing and clicking I formatted the wrong card - I formatted my camera originals. After running in circles and screaming for 10 minutes I resolved that I had to rescue those file because there really was no other way out. Step 1 of recovery was finding a recovery program that would find the files on my now formatted card. Soon after that I realized that I could actually play those files however there was one problem which was they were in a format that I couldn't edit. That one fact proved to be very frustrating for about 12 hours until I stumbled upon the fact that I could use ProxyMill to output a full res 1920 x 1080 version of my rescued files and get that into final cut. At this point I realized I had the solution, I dragged all my rescued files into ProxyMill. Long story short; I edited my project, delivered to the client, done! With the help of ProxyMill.

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