Reviews and User Stories 2015-2012

November 23, 2015:

Larry Jordan Product Review: Archive Media Using PreRoll Post™

LTFS Video Archive Application for Macintosh (and Windows)

I hate creating archives. There are better uses for my time. On the other hand, PreRoll Post makes the process of creating an archive fast and simple. Even better, once the system is set up backups and archives can be fully automated using Watch Folders.

The real test, however, of any archiving software is how quickly you can find and recover a file accurately. Here, PreRoll Post makes file retrieval easy, but its search engine is a little hard to use.

Adding the optional Proxy Mill software automates creating proxy files of supported media during the archiving process. Read more...

November 13, 2015:

Eduardo Angel Discusses Creating the Habit of Backups

Cre­at­ing a new habit isn’t easy. We all know that. And I’m not talk­ing about major changes like exer­cis­ing more, eat­ing bet­ter, or work­ing less, but simple things like backing up our projects, espe­cially when work­ing on loca­tions. The “I’ll do it later” or “this is not a good time” will always be there so by incorporating sim­ple and efficient prac­tices into our stan­dard work­flows can make things much eas­ier and even­tu­ally save a project or even a client.

Shot­Put ­Pro, currently on its fifth version is an application known to many in the film indus­try. What I find inter­est­ing is that even some of those who know about the app and totally get its impor­tance skip the crit­i­cal backup step. This arti­cle cov­ers how we use Shot­Put­Pro on location. READ MORE...

July 24, 2015:

PreRollPost Archiving Application Highlighted

Archiving-it's a word that can cause many emotions in filmmakers and DITs, most of them negative. Archiving is like eating your vegetables. We know we should do it but we'd rather eat pizza and cookies all day while we spend hours getting the perfect shot. But what happens once you get that perfect shot, stick it on a hard drive and then try to access it a few years later? Read more...

March 27, 2015:

Cost Effective Archives with mTape™ and PreRoll Post™

Rick Young reviews mTape and PreRollPost on his Movie Machine website. "mTape by mLogic is an LTO6 archive solution for long-term backup of files. Using affordable tape, this offers protection which you don't get from spinning drives. With no platters, bearings, or the electronics found in a hard drive, LTO6 tape is seen as being a safe, reliable and an affordable way of archiving terabytes of information." ...Read More
February 18, 2015:

Digital Imaging Technician: A Very Practical Guide
to On-Set Management of Digital Media

“Robert Trim’s Digital Imaging Technician does what is says on the tin. It’s an excellent practical primer on all aspects of the role of a working DIT and Robert covers everything from on-set etiquette to understanding the fundamentals of colour science to step by step guides to achieving common DIT tasks in specific software.” Jonny Elwyn, Film Editor

The book includes step-by-step tutorials of setting up and using Imagine's ShotPut Pro offloading application. Read More About the book Here...

February 16, 2015:

AbelCine at the Bench: mTape LTO-6 System

Sep 24, 2014:

IBC 2014: PreRoll Post with LTO Tape Archive Solutions

Archiving is one of those things it’s easy to ignore in favour of storing ever-increasing numbers of hard drives full of old media.

Some Hard drives can have a shelf life of as little as five years; by comparison, LTO tape can be stored safely for up to 35 years. Running costs are lower too with a 2.5TB cartridge costing around $40, cheaper than an equivalent hard disk.

Imagine Products’ software PreRoll Post aims to simplify the backup process and is available in a bundle with an LTO6 machine for around $4000 US. This isn’t exactly cheap but if you are serious about protecting your valuable material right now then a LTO solution is certainly worth investigating. Read more...

Sep 18, 2014:

Phil Keoghan uses ShotPut Pro™ with Sony F55 on Le Ride

What a great piece of software. I am working on an independent film called Le Ride and our media manager used your software to ensure we captured our footage was captured properly each day.

"Rather than making the two copies of each file one at a time (which would have doubled Doug's workload) he installed a copy of a utility program called ShotPut Pro on the Mac. This allowed him to make two hard drive copies simultaneously without any reduction in the transfer speed." Read more...

August 25, 2014:

Larry Jordan Reviews PreRollPost™

LTFS Video Archive Application for Macintosh

PreRoll Post is a capable backup and archiving system for LTO-5 or LTO-6 devices, with a strong focus on media backup. Running exclusively on Macintosh systems, when all components of the software are purchased, it can backup any data file, create thumbnails and proxies of supported media files, review proxy files stored on tape, track files stored on multiple tapes and simplify the process of recovering a file from tape in the event the file is damaged or erased from a hard disk. Read more...

July 19, 2014:

NewsShooter Matt Allard Reviews ShotPut Pro for Mac

Backing up the material you shoot is a pretty tedious chore. Often I have to do this late at night after a day’s shooting. This is when I’m the most likely to make mistakes due to tiredness. Sometimes I’m dealing with multiple formats and cards from different cameras and it is very easy to forget to copy a card, duplicate the same card twice by mistake, or not copy the proper file structure. Just one small mistake backing up and I would lose valuable work. Read More...

July 19, 2014:

Media Management: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP

by Paul Atkinson, freelance data wrangler, London

The importance of media management is paramount to every production. I am currently working as a camera assistant/data wrangler on a new series called The Classic Car Show. This involves dealing with multiple cameras and formats 3-4 days per week, with approximately 300GB of footage per shoot day. On a job using Sony F5's, F55's, Panasonic GH4's, RED Epic/Scarlett, GoPro's, 5D MKIII's and many others. It is key to have a solid workflow in place to deal with the data on a day to day basis. Read More...

PreRollPost For Discovery Channel Delivery

By the way, PreRoll Post application is insanely awesome!

We work directly with the Discovery Network & that application has made our LTO deliverables smooth & painless.

Thanks very much.

Screaming Flea Productions


Crews Control visits Imagine's NAB2014 Booth and Blogs about "Gear that makes you go AH!"

Crews Control DP gives Sony XAVC file workflow solution a thumbs up!

When it comes to media management, we use ShotPut Pro, a $99 steal-of-a-deal that's both Mac & PC compatible and worth every penny. ShotPut Pro allows you to copy recorded media to multiple drives simultaneously and then verifies the transfers. Once successfully verified, an offload log is created. Read more...

Ultimate Survival Alaska (Nat. Geo.) and 72 Hours (TNT)

with ShotPut Pro


I have been doing a lot of data wrangling for commercials, shorts and network reality tv shows in the last two years, including Ultimate Survival Alaska (Nat. Geo. Channel) and 72 Hours (TNT) and I absolutely love ShotPut Pro!

I am working on a show right now that has 9 F55s, 1 RED EPIC, 20 surveillance cameras, 9 GoPros, 4 EX3s and 2 Canon 5Ds shooting every day all day and we wouldn't be pulling it off without ShotPut Pro.

As a 'power user' having a tool like ShotPut Pro has become a necessity more than a luxury. I am currently being asked to turn around 3.5 - 5 TB of data per day and having ShotPut Pro's ability to duplicate the file transfer simultaneously saves us a TON of time! I attempted to use Adobe Prelude on this one thinking it would be more useful, but it wasn't able to keep up with ShotPut Pro and it was leaving a lot of the secondary files out of my folders instead of duplicating them exactly, (a big problem in the Media Management world.)

Keep up the great work! It is appreciated!

Randy Mills

4K Workflow with ShotPut Pro

I’m teaching classes this month at Maine Media Workshops and I want to demonstrate the XDCAM workflow using Shot Put Pro to my students.

The shoot I was working on in France this summer was a 4K documentary with Phil Keoghan (host of Amazing Race) for theatrical release next year. Basically Phil and a riding partner retraced all 3500 miles of the 1928 Tour de France (50% longer than the modern race) on vintage bikes to raise money for MS Society. They kept pretty much to the same route and riding schedule, which meant we were moving an average of 150 miles per day. Although I am normally a cameraman, I was hired as the DIT, data wrangler, and editor for a daily highlights video for CBS. In five weeks I was in 25 different hotels and had to set up an edit bay and data-wrangling work station every night, plus edit a 5-minute daily highlights video for CBS .

We had two F55’s shooting 4K plus XDCAM proxies and I had to deal with as many as eight 128GB SxS cards each night, plus edit.


Sony may have me write an article about my experiences for PR purposes, and I’ll be sure to mention you guys.

Doug Jensen

PreRollPost Blows Them Away

PreRollPost. What can I say. It’s frickin awesome. As senior engineer here at Crow I have spent the last several years jumping through hoops to try and get a satisfactory archiving software. I’ve tried so many packages and all of them – bar none, have been varying degrees of awful.

I came across PRP by accident (while looking for support for our Shotput issue actually) – and had not heard of it. I’m just so relived I did. It will replace a £10000 Xendata archive system that has been a complete nightmare to work with. Im getting 140MB/s and 1.44TB on an LTFS tape. Figures I could only dream of achieving with our previous systems. It’s such a relief to use such a well thought out piece of archive software, that performs better than expectations. And the price? Honestly – it’s too cheap!

As soon as they were available I downloaded the LTFS binaries and MacFuse, and installed them to assess the LTFS viability on our at the time new LTO5 tape library. Whilst it worked, I thought a software developer would jump on the available SDK resources and get a create a decent GUI, so it could be used more easily and confidently. That was over 2 years ago, and I’d given up hope on a mac platform ever being made available that used it. Well you did it, and it’s a wonderful thing!

If you need any product endorsement – my colleagues and I are completely blown away!

Thanks Again

Mark Delbridge
Crow TV

Bayou City Productions

Bayou City Productions creates award winning videos and animation for Fortune 500 clients and small businesses.
Kevin Francis from Bayou City Productions reviews PreRollPost Archiver:

"If you've used BRU, PreRollPost has basically the same functionality from an interface perspective. You drag the contents you want to archive into the Backup window, name the archive, and hit enter.To restore, you navigate through the Mac Finder-like GUI and drag the contents you want to retrieve into the Retrieve window, choose a target location, and hit enter. No learning curve, really simple. The program optimizes the order of the files to provide the fastest transfer, and in my experience there have been no slow downs at all. It's just as fast as BRU. When the files are copied, everything is verified using MD5 checksum. A database is stored of all your archives in MySQL Lite format, another open standard. "

"If you're interested in a low cost LTFS archiving option for Mac, I encourage you to try it out. The demo download allows you ten separate backup sessions, plenty of time to see if it will work for you. If you buy the software and down the road decide to do something else or they stop developing PreRollPost, all of your archives are in an open industry standard format everyone supports, no worries!"

Read more in Kevin Francis' Imagine Products PreRollPost Archiver User Review.

November 16th, 2012:

Abbey Road Studios Opts for ShotPut Pro for Offloads

Notes from the Offline blogs about their video editing experiences at Abbey Road Studios in session with Volkswagen Beetle and Paul Weller. Great information about why they chose ShotPut Pro over Adobe Prelude to offload.

May 29th, 2013:

Amelia Earhart's Lost Plane, Electra

Sonar image may have unveiled Amelia Earhart's lost plane the electra. Click here for the Discovery News Coverage. Click here to visit the TIGHAR website for the Niku VII analysis.

July 9th, 2012:

Imagine Assists in the Search for Amelia Earhart

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery set sail July 2, 2012 for the South Pacific island Nikumaroro with sophisticated technology to search the deep water around the island for the Lockheed Electra's wreckage. Once again, several of Imagine's applications are going along to assist in the video organization and cataloging.
Click here to visit the TIGHAR website for daily updates on the voyage and search.

May 31st, 2012:

ShotPut Pro for Mac will be traveling to Afghanistan with David Bowering In June 2012.

David Bowering will traveling to Afghanistan for his documentary, Medevac Through My Lens, in June of 2012. Below is an excerpt from the tech blog on his website, Medevac Through My Lens about ShotPut Pro for Mac™.

"For offloading software I will be using the excellent Imagine Products ShotPut Pro. This is the industry de facto standard for automated offloading software. This makes my job of data wrangling so much easier, ..."

Read Full Tech Blog from David Bowering...

May 31st, 2012:

Here's a Review for HDVU v.1.0.4 on Samuel Gursky's blog, DIT Nerd.

On DIT Nerd's Blog:

HDVU v1.0.4 Review on DIT Nerd's Blog

On Twitter:

HDVU v1.0.4 Review on Twitter

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