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November 30, 2016

When Does One Equal Four?

Doing more with less is a staple of business strategy. When it comes to data storage, LTO technology can help achieve this efficiency objective. The LTO technology provider companies (HPE, IBM, and Quantum) continue to enhance each generation of LTO tape technology by increasing cartridge capacity, drive performance and reliability. The four equals one equation is an outstanding feat: the data stored in four LTO-5 cartridges can be held in one LTO-7 cartridge. That’s doing a lot more with less! In this BlogBytes, we will examine the magic behind this phenomenon and what it can mean for your organization. READ MORE...

November 22, 2016

Good to Know: 5 Things About The LTO Program

1. LTO-7 media offers up to 6 TB per cartridge native
2. LTO-7 drive transfer rate is up to 300 MBps native
3. LTO media has up to 30 years shelf life, ideal for long-term data archiving
4. The annual average Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) LTO tape scenario is estimated as a significant 85 percent savings compared with the disk system annual TCO
5. With LTFS, accessing data on an LTO-7 tape cartridge is as easy and intuitive as using a USB flash drive

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