Trade In, Trade Up! MagStor offers LTO8 upgrade deal to Imagine Products customers.


MagStor is offering this incredible deal to Imagine Products’ customers ONLY!

Trade your competing LTO drive in for an LTO8 tape drive. Recieve up to $1000 off your trade in! Almost all makes and models accepted. *This offer applies for US and Canada.


The MagStor TRB3-HL-MIG is the best of both worlds and ideal for migrating your LTO 6 tapes to LTO 8. And once you’re done? Switch the LTO 6 drive out for another LTO 8 – turning this beauty into a true archiving beast.

Contact MagStor to get a quote and learn more.

Call 614-433-0011
Chat here

This offer is only good now through March 2019! Don’t miss it.

Of course you already know where to find the software to accompany these drives….


  • Hi guys, I currently have an LTO 6 L-Tape Thunderbolt system, looking to upgrade to LTO 8. What can you do for me? I am in Canberra Australia.

    Best Regards


    • imagineproductsblog says:

      Hi Robb, This is a deal that our partner MagStor is offering our customers. The deal is for US and Canada only but I would encourage you to reach out to MagStor and see if they know anyone that is running a similar deal. There contact information can be found in the blog. Thanks for reaching out! #ArchiveSecurely

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