NEW! ShotPut Pro 6 for Macintosh

Imagine Products Celebrates 25 Years

A Look Back

ABELCINE REVIEW: ShotPut Pro 6 for Macintosh

MoPictive Meeting SEP 2016 - NYC

CineGear 2016 - Hollywood

MacVoices with Imagine Products on
NAB 2016 Showfloor

PreRollPost a Quick Overview

Tutorial Videos

Protect Your Stuff with PreRollPost

A PreRoll Post Primer by Larry Jordan

IABM-TV Interviews Michelle Maddox at IBC 2015

Michelle MaddoxShows HD-VU2 at June 2015 LACPUG

HD-VU2 The "Smart" Viewer!

Michelle Boone with Larry Jordan
NAB 2015 Digital Production Buzz

Mark Hudgins shows Chuck Joiner the New HD-VU2
"Play any media file without transcoding!"

LTO vs Hard Disks with mLogic at NAB 2015

We get the same question from customers every week... Why can't I just use my hard disk as my long term backup? Why do I need a whole separate setup to archive my assets? Roger Mabon from mLogic sums it up nicely in this video from NAB 2015.

Tips, tricks and best practices with PreRoll Post

Data wrangler, Duck Grossberg discusses his exclusive use of PreRoll Post for archiving his assets and projects. Duck also provides important tips, tricks and best practices when LTFS archiving.

Gary Adcock Demos ShotPut Pro™

DIT and Industry Expert Gary Adcock talks about his experience with ShotPut Pro on the hit series, Sirens on USA. Find out why Gary ONLY uses ShotPut Pro for offloading his assets. There are also some great shots from Sirens and helpful tips on data management in general.

ThunderTape2 & PreRoll Post™ Archive Solution

This video is a wealth of information. Rony Sebok from 1Beyond discusses why tape is better than hard disks for long term backup, the power behind the ThunderTape2 and PreRoll Post archiving solution and why the Discovery Channel decided to require LTO5 tapes as a way to deliver media.

ODA vs LTO Archiving

Steve Serafian discussing the advantages of ODA cartridges over LTO tapes. He also describes why PreRoll Post is better than the free asset management apps out there.

Dreamflight Holiday (with a little help from Imagine)

AbelCine at the Bench: mTape LTO-6 System

The ShotPut Pro™ Kid

ShotPut Pro™ V5 for Win Offload with Confidence

LUTSync™ Color Correction Utility

ProxyMill™ Automated Video Compression

ShotPut Pro™ V5 for Mac Offload with Confidence

PreRollPost™ Affordable LTO Archives

ShotSum™ File Comparison Utility for Macintosh

NewsShooter Matt Allard Reviews
ShotPut Pro for Mac

Mark Hudgins talks LTO Archiving
at Imagine's NAB 2014 Booth

Crews Control talks with Dan Montgomery
at Imagine's NAB 2014 Booth

Chuck Joiner from MacVoices
at Imagine's NAB 2014 Booth

Walter Biscardi learns about Long Term Archiving
at Imagine's NAB 2014 Booth

Roger Mabon Shows mTape with PreRollPost
at mLogic's NAB 2014 Booth

Matt Allard of
at Imagine's IBC 2013 Booth

IBC 2013: Imagine Products Shotput Pro and LUT Sync from Dan Chung on Vimeo. technical editor Matt Allard talks to Imagine Products about their Shotput Pro card offloading application. They also show the upcoming LUT sync which will batch apply a look up table to flat or log footage.

Curt Pair Checks out Imagine's Blue Balls
at NAB 2013

DMV CPUG Chats with Dan Montgomery
at Imagine's NAB 2013 Booth

Imagine Products NAB 2013 from magekfilmworks on Vimeo.

SmallTree's Steve Modica hawks Imagine Products
at Media Motion Ball NAB 2013

PreRollPost™ presented at LACPUG Feb 27th, 2013. Chooses ShotPut Pro™ for Guatemala Documentary

Data Wrangling 101 at Atlanta Cutters

ShotPut Pro™ on the Iditarod Trail

ShotPut Pro™ on the Iditarod Trail from Art Aldrich on Vimeo.

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