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Q:I Can't Activate!03/02/2015
A:Activation requires two-way communication between your computer and our server to register the software for use. Run the application and choose Activate via Internet. Enter your serial number (available by logging into My Products page on the website).

Restrictive FireWalls (blocked port 3306) or other obstacles may prevent a connection. If this happens you'll receive a message such as "Cannot Connect to Server".

For manual activation, enter the serial number and click the MANUAL activation button and follow the instructions to create a Personal Activation Number to enter in the dialog. Be sure to include your name, serial number and address in the email.

The software allows only one computer per serial number to be activated at a time.

If you're upgrading to a new computer, refer to the "How do I move the software from one computer to another?" FAQ in this list. Simply deleting it from your computer will not release the serial number for use elsewhere. You may always check the activation status of your serial numbers by logging into your profile.

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